Champions Own And/Or Bred At Clangan & Yenscourt Kennel:

Golden Retrievers

Mr. Gan Wee Yet and his Golden RetrieverMr. Gan Wee Yet and Blade, Golden RetrieverMr. Gan Wee Yet and Rocky, Golden Retriever


  • Asian Malaysian Grand Champion Kelakye Meant For Clangan CGC “Shadow”
  • American Canadian Champion Heartside Like A Rock For Clangan “Rocky”
  • Champion Legacy’s Forever In A Day “Wind”
  • Champion Clangan Action Driven Maximus “Max”
  • Champion Clangan American Flyer Aruba “Aruba”
  • Champion Clangan Absolute Trotter “Honey”
  • Champion Clangan Best Of The Best “Leia”
  • Champion Clangan He Man “Blade”
  • Champion Clangan Orange Wonder “Sabrina”
  • Champion Care Bear Thrice As Nice At Clangan “Peach”
  • Champion Windy At Clangan “Windy”
  • Champion Goldstar’s Pretty Woman At Clangan “Vivian”
  • Champion Sherithans Goldie “Eva”


  • Champion Yenscourt Excentuate Positive

Miniature Pinscher

  • Champion Thomas Edison

Toy Poodle

  • Champion Starwood Coldy Lips
  • Champion Yenscourt Bengal Tiger


  • Champion Ermanarich Of Dai Ke
  • Champion Ubert Of Kou Ju Tsai Pet Store

Shih Tzu

  • Champion Wondercare Liang


  • Champion Tujaligeti Cross

Miniature Schnauzer

  • Champion Holehola Ice Cream